End of year staff party

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Offering Turn Key solutions to peoples needs is what lights a fire in our eyes.  So when we were approached by a company to throw their end of year staff party we got stuck in. They wanted something urban and real yet also come away with more than stories of their adventures. They wanted to come away from the day with real insight into a passion they all shared, namely, coffee.

And then they wanted some cafe society scenes complete with live band and scrumptious food. So in short an urban African city, high society, coffee making, musical day out. Did we shun away from such a request, no, we grabbed it with both hands and went the distance.

Unfortunately though, we got so involved in the day ourselves (what can we say, we have a hands on, get stuck in approach) that our scattering of photos only covers some of the urban and a bunch of the coffee side of things. For the rest… well you’ll have to come on a tour next time to see it for yourself now wont you .

SceneAdminEnd of year staff party

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