The La Els & City Bowl Mizers

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Hello there Scenesters!

After teaming up with Zero31 a few months ago, Street Scene has become a kind of “must do” event for bands that tour Durban as well as those based in the city.
We’ve had a helluva lot of fun and the acts we’re working with are only getting bigger. Anyway, here’s the low-down on our very first band tour with The La Els and City Bowl Mizers. The day was so successful it received it’s very own acronym, coined by the band themselves.

There we were, a glorious Saturday and wrapping up breakfast at The Corner Café. Next thing, we’re all in the Street Scene quantum which picked up the Zero31 crew as well as the neon knights of musical warfare known as The La Els, and CBM,  commencing our tour.  Quicker then you can say “Don’t judge me, it’s already afternoon in Asia”, a bottle of celebratory tequila is presented by La Els front-man Jonas Barausse and dropping faster than Julius Malema’s credibility as a nation-builder. Only five minutes in and this tour is already pretty Rock ‘n Roll.

First stop, is The Elephant House. The historical significance? Say it with me: 160. That’s right, 160 years old and still in use. It’s the oldest house still standing in Duran and is on the portion of Ridge Road that used to be the boundary between town and country back in the day.

Amazing to think that not even a century ago, citizens would stand with there backs to the ocean and look up at Ridge Road with the same disdain that Cape Tonians probably look at the great Boerewors Curtain of their northern suburbs.

Usually you pull in to the CBD at this point and get a mad lesson on culture and the history of our town. We opted to spend more time in Inanda and KwaMashu, so left this part out of this tour. Seriously, we have found so much mind-blowing stuff to see and do in Durban that you can fully customize any tour you book with us. Too cool. When you book your tour, you definitely want to waai down to the CBD, and after your mind-tank has been dominated by questions of how you’ve never known your town was this awesome- you can refuel at Little Gujarat’s and start your exodus from white suburbia and into some of Durban’s largest and most vibrant townships.

After a stop at Mahatma Ghandi’s house, the grave of John L. Dube (founder of the African National Congress), and the very ballot box that Nelson Mandela voted from in 1994, you have no doubt had an invaluable day of  schooling in South African history. As a reward, you start making your way to the jol of the tour…

This is where the rock ‘n roll started coming out of the band boys. Can you blame them? The prelude to lunch was a stop at Mt. Zion- a cave in the middle of a sheer cliff where a family of Rastas have lived for years, then stopped at a little tea room for adults (its sells booze) in the middle of the veld where we danced like mad men outside on the dusty road with locals. At this point it’s interesting to note how you can cross into a different world just by driving 20 minutes out of the city- there were cows walking past our rain dance, and none of the men at the store could really speak English. Assumptions are broken, and you realise so much can be communicated through a smile, a hug, or just opening up and being vulnerable. Trust me, it doesn’t get more vulnerable then dancing like the lanky white guy you are in front of a group of black guys who have more rhythm then Gloria Estefan and Zac Efron’s hypothetical love child.

We then drove into the heart of KwaMashu for what has become a favourite for many a Scenester, to a restaurant/bar/tavern/jol/vibe called Hlabisa’s where you eat wors that tastes like it was cooked and given to you straight off the braai grids of heaven. In South Africa we call this particular type of lunch a shis’nyama, which is Zulu for “hot meat”. If this experience was a book which would later be adapted into a movie starring a less annoying version of Julia Roberts, it would be called “Eat, Drink, Dance”.

When this tour started none of The La Els or CBM boys knew what was waiting for them or if they would even enjoy it… by four-thirty in the afternoon all anyone could say was B.D.E… Best Day Ever.

If you want to book the same tour for you and your mates, drop us an email or call and we’ll hook you up proper. Laka!

Check out all the photos, taken by our good friend Derryn from CityLove, right here…

-adapted from “Hi, I’m White and I Like To Party” by TwoSlice Dré

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