South Coast Exploration

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In mid January 2012 the Street Scene crew packed an overnight bag and headed out into the wild blue of KwaZulu Natals lush south coast on an exploration mission to establish a new route down this amazing strip of coastline. The weather was perfect and the adventure epic.

We visited phenomenal coffee roasteries, state of the art water parks, dinned in internationally acclaimed Italian restaurants, bought loads of phenomenal roadside fruit,  ate chicken curry waffles, visited a wild west museum and much more.

When we were done, we stepped back from it all and realized something that made us all smile, the South Coast was brimming with amazing scenery, fantastic gastronomy and a healthy dose of unique tucked away attractions. Our local guides hadnt let as astray, and a new route was up and running. Welcome to our family South Coast, its great to have you with us.

SceneAdminSouth Coast Exploration

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