031 People: Leo Janssen from FLUX

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For the past month or so, we’ve been getting up before sunrise to join Leo Janssen on the grass above Battery Beach, to swing unusual-looking weights called kettlebells. Maybe its the sunrise over the ocean, the camaraderie that comes with shared pain, or the endorphin rush after early morning exercise, but we’re hooked, and can’t imagine a week without cleans, swings and snatches.

So for the first in a series of “031 People” posts, we caught up with Leo to get more insight into the ‘bell and the man telling us to swing them.

1. What do you love about Durban?

The year-round warm ocean. The weather. The diversity of the people. And she’s an underdog!

2. How did you become involved with FLUX?

I used to play touch rugby with a good friend and work colleague – Sean Temple. He ran the African bootcamps up the North Coast, and began to incorporate the kettlebell into his bootcamp workouts. The kettlebell is the oldest strong-man tool known to man, and the more he incorporated the kettlebell into his own training, the more he began to realise what could be achieved results-wise, with one single tool, by combining old style training with new world philosophy. Hence Flux Fluid Motion was born!

The results I have experienced from this type of training have been phenomenal. The more I swing the kettlebell the more I want to – I had never experienced anything like it. So making this my job was just a natural progression. Flux has a headquarters in Umhlanga – opposite Chris Saunders park, and are branching out around the country. We now hold classes from Ballito to Cape Town. I invite anyone to go and check it out – your first class is free!

3. Where is your favourite restaurant/coffee shop/place to hang out in Durban?

I love hanging out in the afternoons at the Zatara juice shack with my son. The juices there are exquisite and the municipality has done wonders with the beachfront.

4. Who is your favourite local band/DJ in durban.

I would have to say the live electronic act Seake. These boys are just so wonderfully restrained and totally on point – a sure sign of intelligence (although I’m sure they would deny it!)

5. Describe Durban in three words?

Pulchritudinous. Fickle. Cool.

SceneAdmin031 People: Leo Janssen from FLUX

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