031 People: Ross from DEW Catcher

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We provide mineral water to all of the guests on our tours- but it’s not just any H2O- it’s atmospheric water created just a stone’s throw away from our office, at the DEW Catcher in Point. We caught up with the man behind the turbine, Ross Walters, to ask him some questions about Durban, and get his perspective on working in a refurbished container just above the beach.

1. What do you love about Durban?

Kitesurfing, the people, the restaurants, the freedom. In Durban there’s a balance and flow, it’s a city that’s not too congested and is a place where you can do whatever you want to.

2. What is the story behind DEW?

DEW is water made from air, it’s a pure source of water and it’s environmentally friendly. I started off working in agricultural development, and on a trip to Mozambique I came across the concept of atmospheric water, and fell in love with the taste. After that it was just about getting machines and growing capacity. There was also the problem of the power consumption that it takes to produce atmospheric water- something we’ve addressed by using a wind turbine.

3. Where is your favourite restaurant/coffee spot in Durban?

The Corner Cafe (cnr. of Cromwell and Brand Street)

4. What is your favourite local band/DJ?

Gangs of Ballet and The La Els.

5. Durban in 3 words?

Waves. Beach. People.

SceneAdmin031 People: Ross from DEW Catcher

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