Valley Scene: Legends, Culture and Food at iSithumba

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With a new member of the crew learning the ropes, we headed out of the city on Tuesday to experience one of Street Scene’s many tour offerings- the Valley Scene tour in iSithumba, near the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Here we learnt about the legend of the towering rocks on the hill, named “Isithumba”, or “kidnapping” after men never returned from after climbing up there. After that we explored the village, paying a visit to the local spaza shop and pool hall.

It was a hot day, but while taking shade under some of the trees in the beautifully green Umgeni River valley, we learnt about Zulu traditions, and braided our own Zulu bracelets from reeds, which are given to men by women to express their love- with the intention of getting married.

After returning to the village and digging into a tasty meal of putu, cabbage, spinach and butternut, which were bought that morning at Warwick Junction, we had one last stop to buy some crafts before heading on the N3 back to the city.

*All photos by Jenna van Schoor

SceneAdminValley Scene: Legends, Culture and Food at iSithumba

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