From top left to bottom right: Gabi Morrell, Sthembiso Mbonambi, Jonas Barausse and Chantel Radebe

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It’s been an extraordinary year for us at Street Scene. New offices. New adventures. A host of amazing tours come and gone and loads more on the horizon. We’ve looked after hundreds of learners from dozens of schools, traveled in police escorts whilst taking foreign dignitaries on tour, had phenomenal experiences with some amazing solo travellers and even received a nomination in the Best Tour Operator category at the Lilizela Awards. It’s not often we get to talk about us. It’s not often we want to. We’re too stuck into the experiences we make happen to prattle on about ourselves. But every once in a while its worth noting the team behind the scene.

There’s 4 core members at Street Scene Tours. In addition to the core 4 we have a platoon of freelance guides and assistants whom we’ve built up a rapport of trust and teamwork with over the past 5 years.  We’re a ragtag army of Durban loving, adventure seeking history nuts.

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our  core 4. If you’re dealing with us, chances are you’re going to be dealing with one of them. So why not know a little bit more about the person on the other side of the phone/email/ fax or social media platform.

So let’s start with the ladies first. Chantel Radebe (aka Shorty) has been with Street Scene for 4 years. She’s the backbone of the Street Scene Team HQ. She handles phones and finances and the general office mayhem that the rest of us get to take for granted. If you ever see her on a dance floor… walk away. Unless you’re trained in some serious moves, she’s likely to make you feel uncoordinated with her groves :)

Gabi Morrell is the newbie on the block. Almost a year in but already a well versed part of the team. Gabi heads up our school and educational tours, facilitates our community projects, assists with social media and get’s seriously stuck in wherever there is work to be done. She’s a hippie at heart and a no nonsense business woman all round. Recently she’s also been doubling up as our in house designer and photographer. Pretty much a swiss army knife of abilities in our little family and a very welcomed addition to the team.

And now for the boys. Sthembiso Mbonambi is partner and cofounder of Street Scene. He is the story teller. The voice. The lead tour guide and the all star hustler in salesman form. Sthe is the kind of guy who the proverb about selling ice to eskimos was written to describe. A born charmer with a contagious smile, Sthembiso is a master at reading our guests and ensuring our tours are tweaked to mould to their needs without them ever knowing something changed. He is a wealth of knowledge and you’ll never see him too far from a newspaper on his off time keeping up to date with current affairs. Sthe is the companies man on the ground and ensures all our other guides and assistants are properly versed in the Street Scene way of doing things.

Jonas Barausse is the other partner at Street Scene Tours along with Sthe. He handles all the backend of the company and keeps things ticking. You could say he is the funnel through which all things Street Scene pass and helps keep the team in shape. Jonas also head’s up the events side of Street Scene running projects such as Interpret Durban, The Annual Durban Sandcastle contest and The Box Project to name some of the most established in Street Scene’s portfolio. Despite being born in Italy the man is a passionate Durbanite and has been described as being a bit of a zealot about the town he calls home. Not a terrible quality to have in the man at the helm of the Street Scene ship and one we’re thankful for.

Together these core 4 make up the Street Scene Team, a group of passionate people dedicated to shining a spotlight on the city of Durban and it’s surrounds. They’re all addicted to great coffee, and the pursuit of finding the perfect bunny chow. But despite these similarities, they’re all pretty different . And to be honest, that’s just the way we like them.

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