Durban takes on Rome

All roads lead to Rome

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Recently two Durban brothers Jordi and Matteo contacted us with an awesome proposition. These two guys are passionate about three things, their home town (Durban) , their Italian heritage and exercise. In one foul swoop they had hatched a plan that would feed all three of these needs simultaneously.

The Rome Marathon has been in existence since 1982 and is an annual marathon competition hosted by the city of RomeItaly on a Sunday of March. Jordi and Matteo intended to train for and compete in the 41km race through the ancient capital and bring Durban with them whilst doing so. Their request of us was simple, turns out they were fans of Street Scene and how we pushed Durban in everything we did. They asked if we would allow them to carry our name along with Durban on their race shirts. How could we say no? We were honored they even considered us at all. We gave our blessing and the shirts were made up. The brothers spent the three months training and towards the middle of March took off from King Shaka Airport bound for Rome.

The conditions come race-day were less than favorable for the duo…or any of the other athletes. The cobblestone roads so picturesque and imbued with history are less than ideal on the ankles of the runners, especially in the wet and cold conditions that met our two Durbanites ( temperatures that day started at 3 degrees and peaked at a nippy 15 degrees Celsius ). However they persevered and completed the marathon in decent time. Jordi clocked in a competitive 4:01:43 and Matteo crossed the line at a very respectable 5:12:53. The two Durban boys showed some true grit and we were proud to be associated to them as they proved the old proverb true, even from the bottom of Africa… all roads lead to Rome.

The Street Scene TeamAll roads lead to Rome