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Mango Sandcastle

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Sometimes the most awesome projects pop up quite unexpectedly. The Mango Sandcastle was one such project. We have done some work with Mango Airlines in the past, having constructed a sandcastle for them here in Durban, last year to be photographed for the front cover of their inflight magazine. This year we got a call for a new project. Mango wished to push their summer specials with the creation of a giant sandcastle on the beautiful beaches of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.
We put together a Street Scene beach team specifically for this project. Because we had held the Durban Sandcastle competition earlier in the year we knew exactly who we wanted on our team. That’s why Thembinkosi and Lucas got the call. As the first and second place finalists in the pro’s category of this years event who better to represent the Durban sand sculturers talent than two of their best. We needed a third man to assist the two pro’s and Thembinkosi’s brother Phumelela was only too keen to take up the task.

We have been working with the Durban sand artists for a few years but this project was really going to be something special right from the get go. To start with neither Lukas nor Phumelela had ever been on a plane, and our journey was starting with two plane trips on the first day. We knew this was going to be a phenomenal experience for us and the team and it was all that and more.

We had some 6 days to complete and more importantly maintain the castle whilst in P.E. The dimensions of the sculpture that emerged was a structure three meters high, by 6 meters long and 4 meters wide. The Mango Castle that emerged consisted of 6 towers, 8 turrets, one jumbo jet and a dolphin bursting out the back. No supports, molds or powered tools were used in its construction. A security guard was posted to protect the castle during the nights when we weren’t on site in case some kids decided it would make a great acrobatic platform, thankfully no such ideas were hatched. We did however have a winged dragon decimate a few of the towers on the 3rd night. Ok so it wasn’t a dragon, it was a fat seagull that decided one of the towers would make an opportune roost (much to the shock and horror of the guard on night duty). The guys managed to repair the damage the following morning and from that night on the guard made sure to be more vigilant for fat seagulls than delinquent teenagers :-).

All in all this was a great project for us and we were thrilled with the result of the teams hard work and creative passion.

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