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Ever since we started in 2010 we knew that in order to change the way people viewed Durban we were going to have to start from the ground up. Yes it all good and well focusing on an travelers and corporate’s and 30 somethings, but if you REALLY want to change the way Durban is seen in going forward you need to focus on the people who will be behind the wheel in the future.

strong focus on Durban school tours was how we chose to address this. Perhaps “Durban School Tours” is misleading. Let’s call them Durban Educational Tours. Essentially these are tours focused on learners of all ages from Primary school, through to High School and tertiary both local and international. These are tailored experiences based on age and curriculum and often varying from one place of learning to the next to some degree.

These Durban School Tours take all manner of shape and form. From half and full day excursions focusing on a variety of subjects including history, biology and geography to multi-day adventures covering a still wider range of topics all across the city, province and indeed country. On these multi-day tours we can take care of everything from accommodation to meals, itinerary and transport should their be a need.

We pride ourselves in being able to sculpt experiences tailored to the needs of the educators and learners who are joining us. Here are some snaps from some of the groups we’ve taken on educational adventures recently.

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