Durban Sand Castle Competition

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2011 saw Street Scene hold the first annual Durban Sand Castle competition. The idea behind creating this event was centralized around highlighting the abilities of Durban’s sand castle designers. These guys had begun popping up along Durban’s beach front in the last few years and had begun practicing and honing their abilities many times as an alternative to a life spent begging on the street or turning to crime. They were artists who realized that whilst art supplies are expensive, beach sand is both plentiful and free. And as time progressed, these self taught sculpturers skills began to grow. At Street Scene we love this kind of entrepreneurial spirit. Not only was it beautifying our beloved Durban beach front, but in honing their skills these guys had managed to carve out a living for themselves from the sand. We wanted to throw a spotlight onto these guys. Draw Durban’s attention to what these guys were capable of and showcase their talents. The idea of the Annual Durban Sand Castle event emerged to do just that.

In 2012 we held the 2nd Durban Sand Castle Competition. Like the year before we had various categories with the highlight of the event focused around the pro’s division. The theme was tied into something all to pertinent in today’s South Africa, the plight of the Rhino and the vicious poaching of this magnificent beast which occurs all too frequently. In light of this we invited the guys from Rhino March South Africa to tie into our event. They had planned a Rhino Fan walk for the day and we offered up our event as the end point in their march. We also requested that the pro’s theme their sculptures around the rhino, the idea being that as the day progressed a heard of rhinos would emerge from the sand. A few hours in almost all the other categories had joined in on the theme.

Check out the video we shot at Durban Sand Castle Competition 2012 below:

Durban Sand Castle Contest 2012


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