Durban Graffiti Tour

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Durban continues to sustain a burgeoning underground culture, demonstrated most graphically on the walls of the city through what is arguably one of South Africa’s most hidden Street Art scenes.  The Durban Graffiti tour is our latest offering in a bouquet of tours that highlight our east cost city tucked in along the coastline of Southern Africa. The story of our painted “Poison City” will have you walking the pathways of countless graffiti writers and artistic vigilantes, from the South Basin to Rivertown. This unique Durban Graffiti Tour will see you’ll never look at ‘graffiti’ the same way again.

After the madness of the December holiday’s we were thrilled to kick 2015 off with a great group of people keen to explore Durban’s street art scene alongside us on this tour. There had been allot of research behind the scenes going into this particular experience and kicking off a new year with a new experience for our guests was a truly awesome way for us to welcome in a squeaky clean 2015 of exploration and Durban discoveries.

Here at Street Scene we’re always brainstorming new ways of showcasing our beloved Durban. The Durban Graffiti tour offers a new perspective and one we were too thrilled to dive into head first. The feedback off the first few has been terrific and we cant wait to continue these explorations throughout the year.


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