Community Outreach: Street Scene Visits Siyawela

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As a tour company, we’re very aware of the need to involve the community when it comes to our tours, and not just be outsiders who come visit but don’t contribute. We’re involved in various projects, but one of the more recent ones is a community care centre in KwaMashu called Siyawela.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Siyawela as part of a cultural tour with visiting international students, who were met with energetic enthusiasm by the children.

The students brought along donations such as toys, and got to share a traditional meal of samp, beans and mutton with them, before leaving to continue their cultural tour of the area.

Visiting these children, all of whom are looked after by only a handful of women, has encouraged us to strengthen our relationship with Siyawela and get local companies involved to support them- a project we will definitely be focusing on in the future.

*All photos by Jenna van Schoor

SceneAdminCommunity Outreach: Street Scene Visits Siyawela

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