2nd Annual Durban Sandcastle Contest

2nd Annual Durban Sandcastle contest

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In 2011 Street Scene held the 1st Annual Durban Sandcastle contest (you can read up on what happened here),  September 22nd 2012 saw Street Scene hold the 2nd Annual Durban Sandcastle contest and this time we teamed up with the crew at Rhino March. The idea behind the Annual Durban Sand Castle contest originated as a way of celebrating the Sand Sculptor artists who popped up along Durban’s beaches a few years back, these intrepid artists managed to carve out a place for themselves in Durban’s beach culture. We wanted to celebrate their talents and thought an event highlighting their particular art form would be a great platform to do so, as well as being a great way of getting kids and families outdoors and celebrate some eThekweni sunshine.

This year we bused in 80 kids from schools in and around Durban including children from a local Durban children home to participate in the fun with us. Each child received lunch and a Durban Sandcastle Contest shirt as a thanks from us for participating, the winning entrants walked away with loads of prizes and toys for their efforts. This year we also teamed up with Rhino March, and organization heavily involved in raising awareness in regards to Rhino poaching. A serious plight in our country.(You can read up more about Rhino March here) .

As such all the sand sculpture artists given a simple brief, instead of your typical sandcastles, we had them create Rhinos from the sand. The result, a heard of sand rhinos materialized during the course of the day, a truly unique spectacle. Not to be outdone, the kids competing in the children category followed suite and their rhinos to the sandy mix.

On top of the fun being had in the sand by participants, spectators were also entertained by live musical acts on the stage, from Michael Jackson impersonators to Durban rockers The City Bowl Mizers and a myriad of acts in between. The day was a massive success and despite the overcast conditions loads of fun was had by all…especially the winners :-)

The Street Scene Team2nd Annual Durban Sandcastle contest