Durban Orientation

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Every year Unilever South Africa takes in some of the best and brightest university graduates in the country and welcomes them to the Unilever family. This year they decided that seen as many of these new grads were from other parts of the country and would be based in Durban that an introduction to their new city was in order.

They called in Street Scene to orchestrate this orientation to the city, wanting to make sure that the Unilever newbies got a real taste of the town.   With so much to get through we decided to give them as broad a base as possible. We took them from the city center to the outlying townships and covered as much in between as possible. From lunch at one of the greatest BUNNY CHOW eateries in Durban to dinner at one of the most acclaimed Moroccan themed restaurants in the city.

We kicked the day off with a walking tour of the Markets of Warwick in Durbans CDB and finished it all off with a harbour cruise to grasp the bigger picture of Durban. From its history to its people, from its food to its industries and from its architecture to its hidden gems, the day was packed to the hilt with the sights and sounds of Durban.

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