Buccaneers Backpackers

Buccaneers Backpackers

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On a recent Street Scene exploration trip down from Durban and across the coastline of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, we had the absolute pleasure of spending fours days at Buccaneers Backpackers located in Cinsta. This Backpackers has to be one of our favorite in South Africa. The staff are extremely warm and accommodating, the accommodation itself comfortable and safe and the vibe is that ever so rare mixture of festive and chilled. Its the perfect place to kick your feet up and relax on the beach (located a short walk from the backpackers itself) contemplating the rolling waves of the Indian Ocean for the afternoon and then head up to the bar that evening to participate in the number of themed dinners that happen on a weekly basis. Buccaneers Backpackers setting is truly amazing and the establishment itself is far more of a village than a typical backpackers with various dorms, huts and cottages spread out over the 8 hectare estate.

The weather was the only thing that was against us during our stay with torrential downpours being a constant companion. This meant we spent the majority of the time in and around the ‘village’ , but we did manage to take them up on one of the many tours they had on offer.  In specific we wanted to experience their Xhosa cultural tour and meet the legendary ‘Mamma Tofu’. She is a 93 year old explosion of life. You cant help but smile whilst in her presence as she regails you with her stories of the Xhosa culture and her life. She is a true story teller and one of the most captivating humans we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I don’t want to give away too much for fear of spoiling it, but if you ever find yourself in that neck of the woods its an experience not to be missed.

All in all our stay at Buccaneers was a tremendous amount of fun. We laughed, we learned , we drank, we ate, we chilled watching rain streak across the windows with a good book at hand and we came away with an experience we will treasure for some time to come. A massive thanks to the whole Buccaneers family for going the extra mile to make us feel at home despite the rain, and for taking the time to show genuine interest in catering to the experience we were after.

A big high 5 to you all from the Street Scene crew!

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