The Chief of Peace & the King of Battle

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On Friday the 3rd of Feb the Street Scene crew decided to go in search of two of the greatest men in South African history. We had spoken about this trip for many months but somehow the fundamentals of running a business had always seemed to interfere. This particular day we decided that we would have to make the time, book the slot, cancel meetings and ensure we took the time to visit these two great men. Both have become known for the way in which they unified people. In fact they united people to such a degree that perhaps only the likes of Mandela are comparable, yet all too few people visit these African giants.

Despite their power for unifying people both had polar opposite ways of going about their cause. One became known to some as the Chief of Peace, whilst the other, the undisputed King of war. Africa s first Nobel prize laureate and Southern Africa’s most influential and mythical King. Their names of course were Albert John Luthuli and Shaka Zulu.

It is an interesting fact that despite how utterly different these 2 Greats were that today their graves are separated by less than 7km in an all too unvisited part of our province a mere 50min drive from the hub of Durban. It was an amazing day for us, being able to visit the homes of these 2 men and walk the same paths that they once traversed. They forever changed the South African landscape and we felt privileged to be able to delve into their worlds. We all agreed. We would soon be back. And we shall be.

SceneAdminThe Chief of Peace & the King of Battle

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  1. Jessie

    Yeah what an incredible feeling being that close an connected with history. It makes it all so real. Must have been quite a nostalgic day.

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