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Street Scene Tours presents the opportunity to break away from the traditional mould of the ‘Been There, Done That’ End of Year Bash. If you are tired of the same old same old, then look no further than embarking on a journey of discovery and fun on a memorable day out as we travel, local style, through the townships of KwaMashu, Inanda and Mzinyathi.

With a selection of transport options available to suit your group, we can tailor-make a trip from a 2 hour Shisanyama lunch outing to a full day ‘Discover Your City’ experience, depending on your taste for adventure. The itineraries we have on offer can be combined in any way you choose, with highlights from our City, Township, Shebeen Shuffle and Super Scene Tours providing the options (see our drop down menus on for more info on these different tours).

However, with you choosing Street Scene Tours, the sky really is the limit, so let your imagination run wild and if you want to do something that isn’t already on a set tour; we’ll turn it into a reality.

Last year we were set a challenge by the creative minds of one of Durban’s top design companies. The crew at Disturbance Design pitched us the idea of an event themed around The Amazing Race, and what came from it still brings a smile to our faces. The Amazing Race End Of Year Party was definitely the highlight of our end of year calendar and from the pictures attached, we think you’ll see why.

Street Scene Tours prides itself in providing turnkey solutions to our customers, thus taking all the organisational hassle off your hands. After all, you’ve worked all year, this is your time to relax, put your feet up and let us do what we do best. Contact Street Scene today for a full breakdown of our offerings and let us turn your End Of Year Office Bash into something to brag about.

After all…life’s too short to be bored.

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