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Interpret Durban 4 took place this on Saturday August 31st 2013 at Durban’s stunning 103 year old City Hall, and you would have been hard pressed to find a more perfect night for the annual event to fall on. With light showers the day before the sky above the city was startlingly crisp and the building around the hall seemed to sparkle as if they themselves were on show. And to a large extend they were. Because Interpret Durban is -after all- about the city and the people who call it home. The very name of the event asks you to get involved, to share your take of eThekwini. Interpret Durban is our feature event of the year. We get to throw it in conjunction with some amazing people and companies such as Intertwine and each year, we kick things up a notch.

In terms of venues it would be a tall order to upstage Durban City Hall within the confines of the province, and the old girl sure did put on a show. She was dressed to the nine with drapings of fairy flights, washes of coloured LED’s, a red carpet and even had her own accompaniment of Hollywood premiere style spot lights firing off into the night sky. It was a evening set for a celebration, and Durban City Hall, the weather and live acts seemed in no mood to disappoint.

 A host of live acts entertained the crowds in attendance from 5pm through to the early hours of the morning and included Crazy White Boy, Felix Laband, Veranda Panda and The Accidentals to name a few.  Alongside the musical acts were magicians, stilt walkers and jugglers mingling through the audience bringing to life the Concrete Circus theme of the event. Coupled with the exquisite art on show from Film through to Photography, Graphic Design and a “think outside the box” Open Art component  there was no shortage of things to feast the senses on. Durbanites can get themselves down about their city from time to time being the smaller sister to JHB and CT, but on nights like that Saturday, when those in attendance stopped for a moment to take in the view from the Mayors Balcony and out over the surrounding city in all her night time splendour, there wasn’t a heavy heart to be found. Durban was all smiles. And she deserved to be so.

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