South African Flag flying proud at Moses


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So the African Cup of Nations ( AFCON ) came and went, as did one of the funnest events we have ever put together, and we thought it was long past time that we did a little AFCON recap of the Unite Through Football madness that transpired. For those of you who missed out (sorry about that) here is a little synopsis of what went down. Street Scene and Spiga (one of our all time favorite Durban eateries) teamed up and put together one kick-ass competition we called UNITE THROUGH FOOTBALL. In essence this comp was offered to 3 popular publications each of whom in turn got to offer a phenomenal soccer inspired prize to two lucky readers, each of whom could bring along three of their buddies for a party not to be missed. Whew, I hope you managed to follow all of that. Said again in one easy to read sentence, 6 lucky winners got to bring 3 friends each on one CRAZY party. Attached are a smattering of pics from the madness that followed. We laughed, we cried (when South Africa got knocked out) and we partied like fiends with some truly amazing people. It really is the beautiful game. And the Durban games were all the more so. Check out the pics for a glimpse into the madness that was UNITE THROUGH FOOTBALL.

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