Hi there, and welcome to Street Scene.

Perhaps you are wondering what exactly Street Scene is? Well Street Scene is a Tours and Events company that provides platforms which showcase our city and country to you, the explorer/ traveler/ human.

Step one in us achieving this is by being actively involved in our community, this keeps us current. Step two is via our constant need to explore. This makes sure that where we go, and what we know, is always evolving and growing.  We do everything possible to keep our fingers on the pulse, the result being that what we pass on to you is fresh, informed and interesting.

Tourism Tailored To You

You're looking for the perfect exploration experience and we've already got it made. We do exceptional tourism & leave you with nothing but happy memories, good vibes & a bucket-full of epic photos!

Our events feed into this too as we always endeavor to showcase local talent. Be it in the form of live music, art, photography, sand sculpture or personalities,  it’s all about shining a spotlight on our country and her people. We have a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable urge to share what we find, so hurry up and get in touch so we can tailor the experience you’ve been looking for.

The Best Events

Whether it's rocking out to the best local or international bands, showcasing our country's rich design talent or putting on the finest community or corporate collaborations, we've got you covered!